Despite all the buzz about Google’s bouncing balls doodle on its homepage two days back now  Google revealed Google Instant which shows search results as you type.This feature presently available for users in France, Germany,Italy,Russia,Spain and U.K. Those countries users need to signed into their Google accounts to try this feature.Over few weeks and months Google instant will be rolled out and  available to all users. If you are residing in India and in other countries this feature not yet available , here is how you can try Google Instant Search.

First of all if you are curious to know about Google Instant, read about Google Instant on Google blog and here

Google Instant

How to try Google Instant search now

You can try Google Instant  with or without signing into your Google Account.

1.To try Google instant without using Google account , simple visit the link below in your browser

2. To try Google Instant with your Google account

  • Sign into your Google account.
  • Visit
  • Start typing, the search results will live appear automatically.You can also observe “Instant  is on” link beside the search box.

Google Instant currently supports Google Chrome 5/6 ,Firefox v3 ,Safari v5 and IE8 only.