Microsoft Live Labs released free online service that makes high resolution images sharable on the web.The  image can be shared  on social networking sites with shortened URL and embed code and  further more that image is zoomable with your mouse scroll wheel.

view and share deep zoom images with

Visit page enter any image URL on the webpage you can also enter website URL and click ‘Create’ a Deep Zoom image is ready to share with your friends on sites like Delicious, Digg ,Twitter and Facebook with shortened URL and embed code also shown to share in your blogs. also accepts  links PDFs, SVGs and regular WebPages.See below I embed my website homepage.You can not upload your images at present since its an experiment project from Microsoft.


Deep Zoom format of Silver Light lets you smoothly and efficiently explore the whole image even it is very large. runs on Windows Azure and enhances the experience with Microsoft Silver light when available .

For every converted image four controls shown at bottom + for zoom in – for Zoom out home button Toggle full page.You can use scroll wheel on your mouse to zoom in zoom out for the image.

Try from Microsoft Live Labs and share your comments with us.