So many Google Chrome users may wonder why Google has not made Google Toolbar available for Google Chrome, reason being Google included most features of Google Toolbar in Google Chrome.Let’s take a look Google Toolbar features included in Google Chrome.

no requirement of Google Toolbar for Google Chrome

Despite Google always wants Chrome with minimalistic user interface with less controls Google always finding ways to tweak Google Chrome UI so Google Toolbar might be added clutter for Chrome since they included most of Google Toolbar features in Chrome.

no need of Google Toolbar for Google Chrome

Google Toolbar features in Google Chrome

Search box 

Google Toolbar offers search box where as Google Chrome’s Ominibox i.e address bar with search box provides suggestions, spelling corrections.So we don’t need Search box in Google Toolbar.

Suggestions for navigation errors

If the website you are trying to visit can’t open in browser then suggestions for navigation errors will be shown by Toolbar, where Google Chrome also offers intelligent page suggestions.

Highlight Search terms

With Google Toolbar You can highlight the search terms on a page which can be also done by Find bar which can be opened in Chrome by using Ctrl +F.


AutoFill button in Google Toolbar fills forms automatically from  your previously entered data  on websites, Autofill in Google Chrome also does the same.

Pop-up blocker

Pop-up blocker in Google Toolbar blocks annoying Pop-ups from interfering your web browsing as  inbuilt pop-up blocker does in Google Chrome for WebPages also.


As  “Spell Check” button in Google toolbar auto checks spelling mistakes when you will web forms , built-in Spell-Checker in Google Chrome does the same.


Translate button in Google Toolbar helps to translate other language pages into user preferred language, Google Translate service built-in Google Chrome just does that.

Google Bookmarks

If you used to add  Google Bookmarks to your Google account by clicking Bookmarks button on Google Toolbar which can be achieved by Google Bookmark bookmarklet by dragging it on the bookmarks bar on Google Chrome.

Sidewiki extension brings Sidewiki feature on Google Toolbar to Chrome. (via)

So do you think we still need Google Toolbar for Google Chrome? share with us in comments.