After installing Windows live essentials, Microsoft Choice Guard will also be installed. Let us take a look what is this program? And how to remove Microsoft Choice Guard from your Computer.

Microsoft Choice Guard is a small program installed in your Computer along with live essentials, which looks to take care of apps try to prevent setting home page and default search provider for browser after the user selects a default search provider and home page during Live programs setup.

So the purpose of choice guard is to make sure the homepage and search provider choice chosen by the user during setup are achieved despite any apps preventing from making their search provider default.

Set IE8 to Prevent Programs from Changing Default Search Provider

Uninstalling Microsoft Choice Guard

Microsoft Choice Guard can be found located here “C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Search Enhancement Pack\Choice Guard”

Uninstall entry for Choice Guard may not be listed or shown in Add or Remove programs, but it will be visible in Revo Uninstaller if it is installed.

You can also uninstall Microsoft Choice Guard using simple command as shown below

MsiExec.exe /X{F0E12BBA-AD66-4022-A453-A1C8A0C4D570}

You need to run the above command in Run box.

uninstallMicrosoftChoiceGuardusingRevoUninstaller thumb What is Microsoft Choice Guard? how to to uninstall it from your Computer

You can also uninstall Choice Guard using Revo Uninstaller.