removin Adobe Download Manager

Lot of users may have  came across Adobe Download Manager while downloading Adobe Flash player and Adobe Reader, wondering what Adobe Download Manager is and how to uninstall Adobe Download Manager from your Computer here is explanation.

Adobe Download Manager (ADM) is small application developed by Adobe to download and install their mostly downloaded programs, Flash player and Adobe Reader into users Computers.

Adobe Download Manager

How Adobe Download Manager will work

ADM will be used on Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers so when you try to download Flash player or Adobe Reader from Adobe Website from Firefox or IE, ADM will install  XPI for Firefox or ActiveX Control for IE and also downloads an executable program to your Computer.

Now Adobe Download Manager will connect to Adobe website and downloads and installs flash player and Adobe Reader. ADM will be used one time per session, when your computer is restarted ADM will be removed automatically from the system.

Uninstalling Adobe Download Manager

Just restart your Computer ADM will be removed from the system automatically if not you can uninstall Adobe Download Manager if it exists and shown in Add or Remove Programs  list.If you can’t uninstall ADM from Add or Remove programs  then use Revo Uninstaller to remove Adobe Download Manager.

Uninstall Adobe Download Manager from Control Panel

Still If you are  unable to uninstall ADM then find ADM add-on installed for Firefox and IE and uninstall ADM add-on.