VTzilla browser plugin from VirusTotal

VirusTotal allows to submit URLs and upload files of suspicious activity and this service detects all kinds of malware by scanning links or uploaded files with multi anti-virus engines.The good news is you can integrate VirusTotal service into Firefox with their VTzilla add-on which allows to scan for links from context menu, scans downloads of files before storing them to your PC .

VTzilla description from VirusTotal “VTzilla is Mozilla Firefox browser plugin that simplifies the process of scanning internet resources with VirusTotal.It allows you to download files directly with VirusTotal’s web applications prior to storing them in your PC.Moreover it will not only scan files, but also URLs .

The scanning options are embedded in Firefox’s Context menu and download dialog making the analysis process as easy as clicking a single button.”

How to use VTzilla

Download and install VTzilla add-on for Firefox, restart Firefox browser.

Scanning links with VTzilla :For me this is most wanted and useful feature in email services like Gmail tend to get lot of unknown links, always worried and cautious to open those links from Gmail as phishing scams targeting email and social networking users.

scan suspicious links with VirusTotal's VTzilla

No more worries after you installed VTzilla for Firefox, right click on the link and click “ Scan With VirusTotal “ VirusTotal will show report on requested URL on new tab page.

download file analysis in VirusTotal

Moreover the scanning process will download file/site of the target link, “view download file analysis” link will reveal lot info about the link whether it is goodware or malware rated by VT Community members .

Scan downloads before storing to your PC

There is a chance to get attachment containing malware from even known contacts so its always safe to scan these attachments before downloading to your PC with VirusTotal.

Despite all this good stuff one  thing that annoys users is VTzilla installs VirusTotal toolbar which you can hide in Firefox by View>Toolbars> un checking  VirusTotal Toolbar .

Install VTzilla for Firefox