Visiting banking sites and logging into your email accounts on public Computers such at internet cafes may not safe as chance of keyloggers may send entered keystrokes on banking sites from those  Computers  to hackers servers, so virtual Keyboard does help from your keystrokes being logged, Virtual Keyboard Google Chrome extension will help you in those scenarios.

Virtual Keyboard (by Google) Google Chrome extension

We are already covered about how to protect from keyloggers .

Though Google developed this extension aiming in assisting internet users to input text in many non-Latin script-based languages instead we use this Virtual Keyboard extension on Google Chrome to prevent keyloggers from stealing our banking sites and email accounts  credentials.

Virtual Keyboard pop ups automatically on pages with input text boxes and text areas.You can enable or disable Virtual Keyboard on all tabs by clicking the page action icon in Omnibox or use Ctrl + Space.

This Virtual Keyboard supports over 80 different layouts.This on-screen keyboard is compatible with 101 and 102 keyboards.

Install Virtual Keyboard (by Google) extension for Google Chrome.