Revo Uninstaller is a very useful free advanced uninstaller allows to remove the leftover entries of applications uninstalled using built-in uninstallers. But do you know innovative and unique feature Hunter Mode in Revo Uninstaller offers lots of useful actions against aimed applications from its context menu.

use of Hunter Mode in Revo Uninstallr

You can read more about Revo Uninstaller here.

Open Revo Uninstaller, with in its user interface, you can see “Hunter Mode” feature with green button on top of window in main toolbar.

Click that button to “switch to Hunter mode”.

Now the Revo Uninstaller window disappears and target button appears on desktop on right side top of screen.

Hunter mode in Revo uninstaller Hunter Mode target button of Revo uninstaller

Revo Uninstaller Deletes Leftover Files to Recycle Bin

Hunter Mode offers one click uninstall, stop or delete by aiming applications on the desktop, Quick launch bar, system tray or opened applications.You can able to control auto start of applications and applications residing on the system tray.

With Hunter mode you can able to

  • Uninstall application with a single click on application icon
  • Stop auto starting of application
  • Kill process
  • Kill and delete process
  • Open application containing folder
  • Search the application name in Google.

How to use Hunter mode of Revo Uninstaller

After clicking on the Hunter Mode button in the Revo Uninstaller user interface, select the target button that appears on the desktop, press the left mouse button and drag and drop target button onto the application icon you want to use Hunter Mode. You will get right click context menu for that application icon and you can perform single click uninstall and other things mentioned above.

After using the hunter mode, right click on target button and click ‘Exit’ to turn off hunter mode in Revo Uninstaller.

Revo Uninstaller also offers 8 useful tools Autorun Manager, Windows Tools, Junk Files Cleaner, Browser cleaner, Microsoft Office Cleaner, Windows Cleaner, Evidence Remover and Un recoverable Delete.You can use these tools to optimize your system speed and protect your privacy.

You can download Revo Uninstaller free version here.