If you are a user not that much familiar with Safari, then you will found this feature interesting and useful.When you perform a search from the search field  in Safari and opened the link shown in search results, and that pages leads us to other page and so on..

And by the time you reached a page you wondered where am I landed from clicking a link in search result, then to get back to original search results page, Safari shows SnapBack button in search field which allows to quickly return to the original search results.

snapback button in safari to return to last search results

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How to get SnapBack button in Safari search field

1.Just type any search term or phrase in search field and press Enter.

2. Open any link shown in the search results and you may inevitably navigated other pages from that link in that page to another, now you will observe orange circle with left pointing arrow in the search bar. That is the SnapBack button.

3. By clicking the SnapBack button, we can able to get back to the original search results.

Want SnapBack Button Back in Safari? There is an Extension for that