USB Security Utilities is a free portable application for USB drives helps you to maximize the security  of the data in your portable memory drive by handling various functions in single window such as virus scanner, file backup, suspicious file  seeker ,vaccine or device immunization.

USB Security Utilities

USB Security Utilities features

  • Small in size, it can be installed in any portable device.
  • Secure and adware free.
  • Easy to use with simple user interface
  • Allows to view device information such as total size,used space and file system and change the label of your drive.
  • It can search the malware with 3 kinds of analysis Standard (based on various signatures) ,generic and new technology which looks for executable based on series of attributes
  • Like panda vaccine it allows us to immunize folders of common malwares such as RECYCLER, MsoCache, and ice ,also Autorun.inf  giving a better protection .
  • Makes  backups of your files and it can restore them
  • Easy and fast updates.

USB Security Utilities user interface

Installing USB Security Utilities

Run the installer in the package and select your USB drive and click install.After installing if you run the application it’s user interface will be shown in Spanish language don’t worry click configuration tab and click English as language preferred for  viewing the application interface in English.

USB Security Utilities is freeware, requires .Net framework 2.0 .

Download USB Security Utilities