Twitter launched Tweet button last week which allows users to share posts from websites on Twitter, Twitter now released Tweet Button Bookmarklet which makes it even  more easier for any user to share  any page on twitter even there is no Tweet button available on websites.

Share links on twitter with Tweet Button Bookmarklet

Tweet Button Bookmarklet allows to tweet a link with your own commentary from anywhere on the web.Much like Tweet Button this bookmarklet shortens links automatically, it also suggests users to follow if there is twitter account for that site.

How to Share links on Twitter from any page using Tweet Button Bookmarklet

1.Just Drag  Tweet button  Bookmarklet to bookmark bar on the browser.

2.Now whenever you want to share any post from page just click  this Bookmarklet which opens a Pop-up window from your browser.

Tweet Button Bookmarklet

3.If you are already signed in Twitter click  ‘Tweet’ button to post to twitter . (via)

Tweet Button Bookmarklet