TabSense brings Firefox's Tab Candy features to Google Chrome

Firefox’s upcoming Tab Candy (Update: renamed to Panorama) has made a lot of buzz already, now some developers trying to bring similar functionality to Google Chrome, TabSense does almost that. TabSense is a Google Chrome extension, which is still under development brings similar to Firefox’s Tab Candy features to Google Chrome.

With TabSense, you can able to manage your opened tabs in Google Chrome very easily. After installing the extension, clicking its icon on Chrome’s toolbar will bring up its page with boxes, each containing a list of window’s tabs. You can able to save the tabs in boxes by naming them.

manage tabs in Google Chrome easily with TabSense


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Clicking the “star” button after the tab will save the tab with its icon below the address bar. This way you can able to save important tabs. Clicking the start icon again will remove that tab icon below the address bar. Whenever you open a new tab window followed by TabSense page, you will observe opened tabs respective parent windows.

Here is what add-on website describes about the extension

“TabSense is inspired by Firefox’s Tab Candy concept .While browsing in  Chrome we end up with tens of tabs spread across many windows. TabSense replaces your newtab page with summary view of all these tabs.

Each time you open a new tab it will be populated with tabs organized by their parent windows.”

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This add-on is still a work in Progress, can crash Chrome.

Update: TabSense is available on Chrome Web Store, you can install it from here.