Recently there is lot of  buzz about Tab Candy which allows to manage tabs easily in Firefox and allows to create group of tabs and categorize them but do you know tab grouping in Opera already exists let us take a look at how we can enable tab grouping in Opera.

grouping of tabs in Opera

Tab Grouping in Opera

By default Opera comes disabled with” Windows” panel in Panels which shows all open windows and tabs with in each window much like Tab Candy does for Firefox.Enable the windows panel which allows for tab grouping in Opera by opening Panel selector and click Windows panel.

Now you need to assume “ Window=group

Now open couple or more windows with tabs opened in them , now you can

  • Collapse and expand groups/windows and group is named after currently active tab in that group
  • drag and drop tabs between groups /windows
  • rearrange these tabs with in each window
  • drag a tab outside of group/window to create new group/window
  • Quick find allows to lets you filter these tabs in real time

Opera will remember all opened windows you close but you should need to use Exit from the menu to do so rather than pressing Alt +F4 or x button to close the window.

Tab grouping in Opera