Though Firefox shows https in the address bar and lock icon  in status bar as  security indicators when you visit websites that are secured by SSL, but these indicators are not big enough to grab user attention SSLPersonas Firefox add-on changes Firefox looks whenever you visit SSL Secured websites.

SSLPersonas uses personas feature in Firefox and gets users attention for SSL Secured websites  by enlarging these  security indicators with big lock icons and turns Firefox theme to green color.

SSLPersonas changes firefox theme color when you visit SSL Secured websites

SSLPersonas makes it easy for the users the websites they are logging in are safe are not.SSLPersonas also enhances warning messages on certificate error pages which you can enable in settings of add-on by selecting” Replace Certificate error warnings”.

SSLPersonas features

  • Turns Firefox theme to green as soon as secure website is certified and operator was verified by trustworthy authority
  • The theme turns blue whenever a website is secure and uses valid certificate
  • The theme turns to orange whenever a website is partially secure.

Users can skip warnings with single click and your decisions will permanently remembered by Firefox.

SSLPersonas add-on works with Firefox 3.6-4.0b4

This SSLPersonas will work  only if you use any theme or personas other than default Firefox theme.

Install SSLPersonas add-on for Firefox

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