Opera logo thumb Resetting Opera Settings to its default

Any user always wants to have option to reset a browser settings to its default after making some changes to browser settings, if you are a Opera user you can’t find any option provided in Opera browser settings to restore default settings,  let ‘s take a look how we can reset Opera to its default settings.

Though you uninstall Opera, your  Opera profile will not be removed.When you install newer version of Opera preferences saved in the older profile will be retained for newer version as well.Then you may not able to spot or identify newer features or changes in latest version.

removeoperapreffiletoresetOperatoitsfactorysettings thumb Resetting Opera Settings to its default

Resetting Opera settings to default

All you need to do is remove configuration settings file “operapref.ini”  located in Opera profile folder.

1.Close the Opera browser.

2.Go to “c:\documents&settings>username>application data>opera>opera>profile” and remove Operapref.ini file    [Windows XP]

“C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Opera\Opera\ “ and remove Operapref.ini file [Windows Vista and 7 ]

Make sure Explorer to show hidden files and folders by selecting Tools menu and folder options.

3.Now open Opera browser Opera will automatically rebuild its default configuration settings.