If you want to clear CMOS memory from Windows, which resets BIOS  settings to default, you can use CMOS De-Animator utility for that. CMOS De-Animator allow you to invalidate checksum’s of your system’s CMOS memory, resets all settings to default and clears any stored BIOS passwords if any upon reboot.

Clear CMOS from Windows with CMOS De-Animator

This utility  doesn’t a have graphical user interface. Run the utility, click ‘OK’ for the confirmation message to clear CMOS memory.

CMOS De-Animator is freeware and portable, runs on all Windows operating systems, no administrator privileges required.

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Update: Download link has been removed from this post since too many users reported their anti-viruses found this program as a virus.

December 7, 2014: CMOS De-animator v3 download link (Majorgeeks), this file has been uploaded to VT and the result is: it is clean.