Quick Heal anti-virus solutions provider launched PC2Mobile scan technology, which is world’s first mobile virus scan. Using PC2Mobile scan technology you can easily identify infections if any in your mobile phone.

Quick Heal PC2Mobile Scan unvield

Quick Heal PC2Mobile scan is available in Quick Heal Total Security. This feature scans for viruses and malware in your mobile phone, you need to connect your mobile phone to the PC with Quick Heal Total Security 2010 installed using USB Cable and scan with Quick heal total security.

If your PC and mobile phone both are Bluetooth enabled, then you can scan your mobile phone over the Bluetooth connection.

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Quick Heal Total Security 2010 with PC2Mobile scan technology supports 581 + models of different makes (mid range to higher end PDAs) can be used to remove these dormant virus dropped files from even through non-symbian mobile phone as well.

You can find the list of mobiles that supports Quick Heal PC2Mobile scan and also requirements for your PC here. [Source]