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We covered about Google Analytics Opt-out Browser add-on from Google available for IE 7 ,8, Firefox and Google Chrome Browsers.This add-on allows users to opt out from data being sent to Google Analytics servers from websites (having Google Analytics JavaScript code) about your visit to those websites. With a simple trick we can able to prevent Google Analytics script from running in WebPages in Internet Explorer 7 , 8 (upcoming 9) versions  without installing Google Analytics Opt-out browser add-on and Browser help objects. 

The trick in brief is we need to add Google analytics website link in Restricted Sites , since Internet Explorer does not run scripts that originate from sites user adds in restricted zone.

Block Google Analytics Script from running in WebPages in Internet Explorer

1.Open Internet Explorer, From Tools menu click Internet options.

2.Click Security tab select Restricted Sites, click ‘Sites’ button

3.Add * under  “Add this Website to the Zone”  and click  ‘Add’ button .

block google analytics script from running in webpages in Internet Explorer

4.Click Close and then click OK to save changes.

From now on from WebPages in Internet Explorer Google Analytics script won’t run and cookies won’t be sent to Google Analytics server.(via)