NANO AntiVirus

NANO AntiVirus developed for end users promises to protect your Computer from all kinds of malware such as viruses, Trojans,worms and other malwares.This antivirus offers real time protection from threats.This antivirus uses cutting- edge technologies to find encrypted and polymorphous viruses.

Advantages of using NANO AntiVirus

  • Protection of your Computer from any type of viruses ,Trojans,worms including their encrypted and polymorphous variations.
  • Real-time protection of your System
  • Extended support of compacted files that allows to find malwares in various types of archives.
  • NANO AntiVirus provides high speed scan by using of advanced technology.
  • Detection of new types of malware through system behavior analysis.
  • Timely update of virus database to protect your Computer from new viruses and malware.

NANO AntiVirus is free and  still in Beta, supports Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download NANO AntiVirus