The second mostly used browser in China and the china originated browser that uses IE engine to render pages till now Maxthon has released Maxthon 3 browser with dual display engines and Ad Hunter which blocks ads and pop-ups and also allows to block content manually on pages.

Maxthon 3.0 user interface

Maxthon 3.0 features

  • Dual display engines
  • Super Drag and Drop
  • Your Maxthon passport account
  • Online favorites
  • Multi Search
  • Surf by Mouse
  • Smart Address bar
  • Magic fill

Maxthon 3 uses two dual display engines one Ultra which uses Webkit, other Retro which uses Trident that is IE rendering engine.User can able to switch between two engines very easily.

Maxthon 3 be default uses Ultra mode that uses Webkit rendering engine which also powers Apple Safari and Google Chrome.

Maxthon 3 supports Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download Maxthon 3.0