Till now Gmail users using Gmail Voice and Video chat able to communicate with each other online by sitting in front of their Computers, what if other Gmail user not available to chat you may simply leave offline message or call him from your phone, Gmail now allows to make phone calls right from Gmail at extremely low rates provided you need to have voice and Video plug-in installed in your Computer.

Make free phone calls from Gmail

From today onwards you can call any phone from Gmail .

You can see the comparison table for rates applied for making calls to countries

  • Calls to US and Canada will be free for this year.
  • Calls  to countries other than US and Canada willed be billed at very low rates.
  • Call to India will cost $0.06 per minute.
  • Calls to UK, France, Germany, China, Japan, and more countries for $0.02  per minute.

Once this feature is rolled out Call Phone will appear at the top of chat list in your Gmail, click  “Call Phone “ dial a number like you dial on your mobile phone or enter contact’s name.

If you have Google Voice phone number when you make a call from Gmail your Google Voice Phone number will be shown as outbound caller ID.You can also receive calls made to that number from Gmail.

Google is rolling out this feature to the U.S based Gmail users over next few days,other countries users have to wait.

You can know more details here and here.