Firefox Panorama (formerly Tab Candy) may be sweet which allows to manage opened tabs in Firefox easily but it also brings us the problem how we can change between Firefox panorama and opened tabs in Firefox though you can use your mouse to click Tab Candy button placed on top of right side corner of the screen to reach Panorama there should be a shortcut that eases to switch between Firefox Panorama and Firefox tabs.

switching between  tabs and  panorama in firefox browser

You can use Ctrl+Space shortcut to switch between Firefox panorama and Firefox tabs easily.

Just press Ctrl+Spacebar from any tab in Firefox window to switch to Firefox Panorama where you can view all tabs opened, you can use same shortcut from Panorama to reach the same tab also.You can use up, down arrow keys in your keyboard to select tabs in Firefox Panorama and use that shortcut to reach any particular tab in Firefox window.

Update : Panorama Keyboard shortcut changed, new one is Ctrl /Cmd E , Plz read this post

Firefox Panorama Keyboard Shortcut Changed,New one is Ctrl/cmd+E