We already covered how to install web apps in Google Chrome in fact they are Google Web Apps if you are using latest dev channel of Google Chrome you can able to install Google Web Apps easily let us take a look how we can uninstall Web Apps from Google Chrome.

uninstall web apps from Google Chrome

Once Web Apps installed in Google Chrome their icons will be shown on new tab page.After installing Google Web Apps current you can able to view Chrome web Store icon also on the new tab page.

Chrome Web Store will be launched in October which contains web apps, extensions and Themes .Chrome users can able to install web apps from Chrome Web Store easily .Google already asking developers to upload their apps to Chrome Web Store and test them in Developer build of Google Chrome.

Uninstalling Web Apps from Google Chrome Browser

  • On the new tab page hover the mouse on right side of  top corner of icon
  • You can view ‘settings’ icon
  • Click the ‘Settings’ button you will get options and ‘Uninstall’ button
  • Click Uninstall to uninstall particular web app from Google Chrome.