writing Indian rupee symbol in blog posts

Indian government has released new Indian rupee symbol, we also have covered how to type Indian rupee symbol from your keyboard by downloading and installing ‘Foradian font’ to your Fonts folder. Let’s take a look at how we can insert Indian rupee symbol in blog posts.

Now, if you are using Windows Live Writer, it doesn’t matter if you have WordPress or blogger blog, we can easily add Indian rupee symbol into blog posts, having supposed that we’ve already installed Foradian rupee font on your Computer.

What you have to do is keep note of font type, style and size you are using for your blog. Your blog Font details will be shown by selecting ‘Format’ menu and by clicking Font for future reference.

writing  or typing indian rupee symbol in blog posts

Now to important part, whenever you need to insert rupee  symbol in blog posts, select Format >Font in Windows Live Writer Select Rupee Foradian in Font and select style and font size hit keyboard key below Esc button “ ~” which is called as Tilde key.

You can observe typed Indian rupee symbol on left side, don’t think it as image. As most of bloggers use Windows Live Writer as their blog editor so this will be helpful to you.