Recently released Firefox 4.0 Beta 2 has new feature called App Tabs which  turns tabs into App tabs ,most useful for regularly used websites.But Firefox users fairly disappointed for the fact that they can’t able to save these App tabs and make these app tabs as permanent.

saving app tabs in Firefox

Suppose you turned mostly used websites like Gmail and other social networking sites to app tabs when you close and restart Firefox, they all will be lost and you need to create app tabs for these websites once again.

Currently Firefox 4.0 Beta 2 doesn’t offer to save these app tabs to make them permanent and this feature might me under development and may be released with final release.

Saving app tabs as permanent in Firefox

But at present there is a way to make these app tab as permanent by using session restore feature.

1.From the Tools menu >Options>General choose “ show my Windows and tabs from last time” for When Firefox starts option.

2.Click Ok  to save the changes.

load app tabs when firefox starts

What does this is as Firefox automatically saves opened windows and tabs for a session these app tabs with other tabs and windows will be restored when you load Firefox next time.

We are already covered bringing App tabs  functionality with app tabs extension for Firefox 3.6.8 but app tabs is built in feature in Firefox 4.0 beta 2 so we wanted to make these app tabs as permanent in Firefox.Let us hope this feature will be added in final release.