Adobe products are primary target for hackers specially Adobe Reader, hackers are exploiting vulnerabilities or loopholes existing in Adobe Reader.Though you can prefer free PDF readers like Foxit Reader and Nitro Reader if you are one of those users who must have to use Adobe Reader then take a look it how to make Adobe Reader more secure by modifying its security settings.

Securing Adobe Reader

How to secure Adobe Reader

1.Open Adobe Reader click ’ Edit’, ‘Preferences ‘

2.To prevent malicious JavaScript running inside  Adobe Reader we need to disable JavaScript  for this select ‘JavaScript’ category and remove tick mark or uncheck “Enable Acrobat JavaScript” .

3.For digital signatures to be handled securely make sure “Verify signatures when the document is opened “  is selected or enabled for ‘Security’ category  shown on the left.

4.For you data protection and privacy make sure “Enable Enhanced Security”  is enabled or selected under ‘Security (Enhanced)’  category.

5.Disable Adobe Reader allowing external applications opening non-PDF file attachments by disabling  “Allow opening of non-PDF attachments with external applications “ in the  ‘Trust Manager ‘ category.

6.As per your convince you have either select  “automatically install updates”  or “Automatically download updates, but let me choose when to install them” in the  ‘Updater’ category.

Make sure you click OK each time after you made changes in Preferences.

7.keep knowing about the security updates released by Adobe for their products. You can manually check for updates whenever you want by clicking “Check for Updates” from the Help menu.

One main thing make sure you are using latest version of Adobe Reader .

Some settings I have mentioned already enabled by default in latest Adobe Reader and some not.If you are using older version of Adobe Reader try to apply these settings at least to get  protected from malicious PDF attacks.

Good news for Adobe Reader users is  next version of Adobe Reader  is coming with Protected Mode with sandboxing technology.   (via)