Recent post in Chromium blog confirms that latest  Chromium build supports GPU Acceleration wondering when Google Chrome will have GPU acceleration .In fact now Google Chrome dev version 7  supports GPU, it is disabled by default you need to turn it on here is how to enable GPU Acceleration in Google Chrome.

Enabling GPU Hardware Acceleration in Google Chrome

1.Add –enable-accelerated-compositing command line switch in target field after Chrome.exe,  you can get there by right clicking on Chrome dev shortcut icon and clicking properties.

GPU Process in Google Chrome task manager

2.Now run Google Chrome, to verify GPU acceleration enabled you can see GPU Process running in Chrome task manager and you can find more details about the GPU process consuming memory by typing about:memory in the omnibox.

GPU Process for Google Chrome running

3.You can even try some cool demo examples at IE 9 test drive site  to see how Google Chrome using graphic card to render pages.

Via[ Lifehacker and ZDNet blog]