It seems better for users to try out Google Chrome’s new features by using unstable Chromium build instead of Google Chrome’s Canary, dev and beta builds. Google Chrome is based on Chromium.So the new features coming to Google Chrome you can taste in latest Chromium builds.Let us see how you can enable Google Chrome labs features Tabs on the left, TabPose in Chromium.

enable Tabs on the left Google Chrome labs feature

First of all you need latest Chromium build which you can download from here.

To enable Tabs on the left run Chromium and type about:labs in the omnibox.

Now you can observe  about labs page description, under Labs experiments click “Enable” to enable Tabs on the left labs feature and restart the browser.

google chrome labs features

By enabling this feature you can observe “Use Side Tabs “ entry in tab strips context menu, click it and tabs will be shown on let sidebar which is useful on widescreen monitors.

To get back to tabs on top in Chromium, right click on Labs tab and click “Use Side Tabs”.

TabPose is Mac feature which adds expose for tabs.

To enable TabPose feature you need to add –enable-expose-for-tabs command line switch to the Target filed of Chromium application shortcut after chrome.exe.(via)