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Mozilla is expected to release Firefox 4 beta 4 today with Firefox Sync, Tab Sets (formerly Tab Candy) and with Direct2D GPU Acceleration turned off by default.Mozilla is not confident in releasing their latest beta with enabled Direct2D support which may cause some systems to crash. But you can still enable Direct2D in Firefox 4 Beta 4 if you have high end graphic card, here is how.

With Direct2D enabled, Firefox renders texts and graphics very fast that means you can observe faster and more responsive browser with hardware accelerated Firefox.

Before enabling Direct2D you must have

  • High-end DirectX 10  graphic card
  • You must be using Windows 7 and Windows Vista SP2  (with platform update), since Windows XP has no support for Direct2D or DirectWrite
  • Latest drivers for graphic card should have been installed.

Enabling Direct2D and DirectWrite in Firefox 4 beta  4

Type about:config in address bar and enter.

  1. To turn on Direc2D Set mozilla.widget.render-mode to 6. which by default has value –1.
  2. To turn on DirectWrite  set gfx.font_rendering.directwrite.enabled  to True which by default set to false.
  3. Now to check whether you are running Firefox with Direcct2D enabled, click Troubleshooting information from Help Menu or type about:support in the address bar.
  4. You will found Direct2D Enabled to True under Graphics at the bottom of the support page.

To turn off Direct2D once it is on by default Set mozilla.widget.render-mode to 0.

As Mozilla also wants feedback you can enable Direct2D and submit feedback to them through Feedback button.