offline Gmail shortcut on the desktop

These days at every work place or at home a PC has broadband connection at least internet connection with speed better than dial-up, how do we access Gmail offline if we don’t have internet connectivity thanks to Google for providing offline access to Gmail, let us take a look how we can create shortcut for Offline Gmail supposing that you already enabled offline Mail access for your Computer in Gmail settings.

Update: This procedure no longer works and needed you just need to install official Gmail Offline app from Chrome web store.

You can enable Offline Mail in Gmail from Settings in Gmail by selecting ‘offline’ tab and select ” Enable offline Mail for this computer”, and follow for further instructions.

It is better you do this from Google Chrome browser because Google Chrome comes inbuilt with Google Gears where as in other browsers like Firefox and IE you need to install Google Gears extension.

Creating shortcut for Offline Gmail

1.In Gmail click settings, click offline tab

2.Now click Create  a desktop shortcut link shown opposite to “other actions.

3.Google Gears asks to select locations where shortcut for offline Mail to be placed, select them and click OK.

creating shortcut for Offline Gmail

3.That’s it shortcut for Offline Gmail will be created on desktop.

Whenever you have no internet connection click that shortcut and access emails in Gmail.

Note:This post is intended at beginners.