Web of Trust,WOT protects users from phishing sites by showing security ratings for websites and in the search results those appear in search Engines like Google,Bing and Yahoo now it also offers WOT Safe Search engine for your browser for safe and smarter searches powered by Surf Canyon .

WOT Safe Search engine

WOT uses Surf Canyon’s real-time search personalization technology to interpret your search and find relevant information in results and  produces them.These search results will be shown  only from sites that have excellent and good reputation from the WOT community.

So there is no chance of getting phishing, malware and porn websites search results in using WOT Safe Search engine.

You can easily add WOT Safe Search engine to your browser.Click the link below to add it to the search engines for your browser.

Add WOT Safe Search engine to Firefox

Add the WOT Safe Search engine

adding WOT safe search engine to Google Chrome

If you are unable to add WOT safe search from above link you can manually add from manage search engines >add search engine and enter following commands.

Name: WOT Safe Search

Keyword : search.surfcanyon.com

URL : http://search.surfcanyon.com/search?f=sb&q=%s&partner=wot     (Via)