Google Books contains millions of books from libraries and publishers you can search in Google Books, Google does allows partial preview of the contents of book but it never that easy reading Google Books from the browsers  inbuilt reader with clutter around cause lot of distractions and page scrolling may be not comfortable, GooReader free application allows to read publicly available books and magazines on Google Books from your desktop.

read Google Books on your desktop with GooReader

GooReader with sweet interface is a comfortable book viewer allows to read Google Books on your desktop.GooReader downloads pages for particular Google Book very fast for your reading.

You can use GooReader with inbuilt search tool to find books from Google Books and also shows which books have full view, partial view and no preview at all.You can  also search for books having full view available by selecting check box “ only Books with full view” located below search box.You don’t need to login to Google account to search and view Google Books.

download Google Books with  free GooReader

In GooReader search results are shown in 3D book models on bookshelf.This program can search online books by title ,author, or keyword  that used in description of content.You can enter  specific Book_ID to read and it will open in GooReader.

GooReader free version available works in Windows XP/Vista/7 , requires .Net framework 3.5 SP1 to be installed in your Compute to work.

Download GooReader