Google added Click-to-Play feature to latest Google Chrome developer channel 6.0490.1(not enabled by default) which allows user to activate a plug-in on a per-page basis.That is if user blocks plug-ins on all sites from Plug-ins tab  in Content settings then click- to- play feature allows to run plug-ins on page with user consent.Click-to-Play feature provides greater control for users in allowing or blocking plug-ins for pages.

Manage plugins behaviour per page  in Chrome by enabling click to play

First of all if you are using latest dev channel to enable Click- to-Play feature for Google Chrome add –enable-click-to-play command line switch in the Target box after Google Chrome .exe followed by space .

  • Now open Google Chrome click Wrench menu >options>Under the Hood
  • Click Content Settings select Plug-ins and select “ Do not allow any site to use plug-ins”
  • Click close two times to save changes.

Open any website having  flash content for example open YouTube site, and run any video then you will see icon on the toolbar as well as video showing “plug-ins were blocked on this page”.Here you can run plug-in on this page by clicking Run plug-in this time. (via)