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We all know updates for Google Chrome will be installed automatically, Google Update process periodically checks for updates and installs them automatically whenever newer version is available.

Google made Google Chrome update process even more better, i.e updates will be installed automatically in the background without interaction required on user’s part and moreover if  Chrome is open at the time of update user need to restart browser to activate the new version.

Chrome_installer.exe running in background without even Google Chrome opened

According Firefox 4 product plan updates for Firefox 4 will also be installed in background.You don’t need to be surprised if Chrome_installer.exe running in the task manager without even Google Chrome being opened, guess what Google update installing newer version silently in the background.As update finishes that process vanishes from the Task Manager.

Some users may say this is unfair for Google Chrome to install newer versions without user consent.

What do you think about Google Chrome’s silent update? is it good for Chrome users or not share with us in comments.