Google just launched Priority inbox for Gmail  in Beta which sorts and shows important messages in your inbox based on the emails you read and reply.This is one way of overcoming emails overload in Gmail.Priority Inbox will be rolled out to all Gmail users next week.

priority_inbox in Gmail

How Priority Inbox works in Gmail

  • Automatic sorting :Gmail uses variety of signals to identify important email , including which messages you open and which you reply to.
  • Sections keep you organized: Incoming email gets separated into sections important and unread,starred and everything else.You can always customize these sections
  • Predictions improve overtime: Overtime, priority inbox gets better at predicting what’s important to you .You can help train using  + , – buttons.

There are lot of emails you subscribed but you will read them later those sort of emails are not important and Gmail will automatically will filter those messages and you will find them in Everything else section. [Via]