We already covered how to revert to old Google image results layout for a particular session in any browser and Old Google Image Search  Safari extension also brings old Google image search layout without any exceptions now we can use Redirector Firefox add-on to get Old Google Image Results design.

old Google image results layout in Firefox

What we have done manually for each session is clicking “switch to basic version” link below Google images and manually modifying the way Google Images shows results by adding “ &sout= 1” to the new Google image search URL.

Now here we are automating Google Images to show basic version of Google Images by adding URLs in the include, exclude and redirect patterns to Redirector add-on.

1.Install Redirector add-on, click Tool>add-ons>select Redirector and click options

2.Select Redirects Tab click Add to create a new redirect ,

  • In Include pattern enter  http*://www.google.*/images?*
  • For Exclude Pattern enter   http*://www.google.*/images?*sout=1*
  • For Redirect to enter  http$1://www.google.$2/images?$3&sout=1
  • Select pattern type as Wildcard and click OK to save changes.

use Redirector Firefox add-on to  get old google image results layout

3.Now visit Google images and enter any object you will get results in Old Google Image layout automatically.

Download Redirector Firefox add-on to get old Google image results layout.