A slide in Tab Candy project website reveals what things to come in upcoming Firefox 4.0, we have already knew some features of them from till now released Firefox 4  betas. This roadmap Pic does reveal lot of interesting details on Firefox 4.

Firefox 4 roadmap

Firefox 4 – Plan for users

  • New sleek, simpler  default theme
  • Fewer user interface controls
  • Fewer pixels between user and content
  • Performance optimizations (user experience)
  • User experience improvements
  • No more modal dialogs
  • No interruptions at startup
  • Updates apply in the background
  • Faster navigation for today’s web users
  • Switch to tab
  • Dedicated  “application tabs”
  • Tab Candy  ( grayed out)

We already knew about Switch to tab, Application tabs, Firefox button  features  from beta releases of Firefox 4.0 and we covered about Firefox 4.0 beta 4 to come with Firefox Sync and Tab Candy features as appeared in nightly build.

We heard  about Firefox 4.0 to offer updates silently much similar to Google Chrome  on various tech blogs which has been shown on above Firefox 4 roadmap.

Another interesting feature which is not highlighted  “control your relationship with websites”.

Tab Candy developer Azarask says why Tab Candy being grayed out in Firefox roadmap slide because “ The reason why TabCandy was listed in the grey  in product plan is that there are still some some implementation challenges to be solved and a couple user experience questions to be answered for us to be able to commit to TabCandy being in Firefox 4”.