Firefox 4 Add-ons Manager UI screenshots posted on Mozilla employee Boriss blog reveals interesting details on upcoming Firefox 4 Add-ons Manager UI.Let’s take a look at what Firefox 4.0 add-ons manager has to offer.

Firefox 4 Add-ons Manager UI

Firefox 4 add-ons manager contains 5 tabs on the left sidebar Get Add-ons, Extensions, Plug-ins, Appearance, Languages.

First screenshot shows list view of extensions installed for Firefox and brief summary for each add-on, clicking on Preferences button will launch preferrences and disable button allows to disable that particular add-on.

Clicking “More” link will show detailed view of add-on.

detailed view of add-on in Firefox 4 add-ons Manager UI

The second screenshot shows detailed view of add-on

  • User need to have yet another click to uninstall add-on by clicking “remove” button when compared to add-ons window appears in stable Firefox 3.6.8 which contains options, disable and uninstall buttons for each add-on.
  • New feature, user can turn on or off automatic updates for an add-on.
  • This page also shows last updated date of add-on, add-ons profile page link and other details.

appearance view of themes in Firefox 4.0 add-ons manager

Third and final  Screenshot shows Appearance view which shows all themes and backgrounds installed for Firefox 4 .Hover the mouse on each theme will show large preview of theme. (via)

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