App Tabs feature released in Firefox 4.0 Beta 2 allows users to turn their most used websites into App Tabs, but these App Tabs will not be permanent or saved and will be restored along with other tabs if session restore is enabled, good news for Firefox users this bug has been resolved and fix will be released in Firefox 4.0  Beta 4.

We covered about this how to make App Tabs permanent using session restore feature in Firefox 4 beta.

Then what about other Firefox users with session restore feature disabled if they create App Tabs for their favorite website and when they close and restart Firefox they will be gone.App Tabs feature made in such a way that they are considered to be a part of user’s browsing session.

You can read this bug details here.

Anyway patch has been created and the fix will release in Firefox 4.0 beta 4.

I just confirmed that as created app tabs stayed permanent irrespective of session restore in latest nightly build of Firefox 4.0 beta 4.

We already covered that Firefox 4.0 beta  4 coming Firefox Sync integration and TabCandy feature here we go App tabs will be permanent in Firefox 4.0 beta 4 , another reason for Firefox users to rejoice.