FilerFrog an awesome Windows explorer Shell extension till yesterday was commercial ware now gone  free for all users.FilerFrog integrates with Windows explorer as shell extension and makes file operations more easier from right click menu FilerFrog is productive file handling utility must have for PC users.

FilerFrog is new and innovative way of manipulating files in Windows explorer.With integration with windows explorer as shell extension it provides tools for user to perform every day file manipulation actions easily.

FilerFrog provides user the ability to perform actions quicker by giving the appropriate tool in the appropriate places.

FilerFrog  key features

  • Extract files to folder
  • Extract files from folder
  • Copy/move files and folders
  • Delete empty files and folders
  • Copy Path to clipboard
  • List of files
  • Encrypt and decrypt files
  • Invert selection
  • Split and join files
  • Touch file
  • Resize images
  • Make image album from photos

FilerFrog helps both advanced and novice users to perform file manipulation functions easier and more efficiently.

FilerFrog is freeware, supports Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download FilerFrog for 32-bit and for 64-bit