We are already covered how to enable labs features for Chromium like Tabs on the left and Tabpose, the wait is over Google Chrome developer and canary builds now have Labs features but they are disabled let us take a look how we can enable labs features in Google Chrome.

Tabs on the left feature is useful for widescreen monitors where Tabpose is Mac feature that adds expose for tabs.

To enable labs features for Google Chrome

1.To enable Tabs on the left add –enable–vertical-tabs command line switch after chrome.exe in the target field for Google Chrome’s shortcut.

enable use side tabs labs feature in Google Chrome

Once you added the flag run Google Chrome and on the tab strip click “Use Side tabs “ .To get tabs on top back right click on any tab on left and uncheck “Use Side tabs”.

disable use side tabs labs feature in Google Chrome

2.To enable Tabpose add –enable-exposed-tabs command line in target field after Chrome.exe of Google Chrome shortcut.