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If you are not able to uninstall Office 2010  from Control Panel Applet, then you can use Office 2010 removal tool aka Fix it tool released by Microsoft to completely remove Microsoft Office 2010 from your computer.

After rearming Office 2010 trial for the first time, today, when I tried to rearm it for the second time, I didn’t succeed, Office 2010 trial extender shown that Office 2010 was already rearmed 5 times, and manual rearming method hasn’t helped me either. Hence, I decided to uninstall Office 2010 from my system as it was expired.

Remove Office 2013 or Office 365 Completely with Fix It Released by Microsoft

I got an error while trying to uninstall it from Windows 7, where Office 2010 removal tool uninstalled it automatically.

How to use Office 2010 removal tool

Download, run and install the fix it tool offered by Microsoft that automatically uninstalls Office 2010 from your system.

Before running the tool, you will need to close browsers and other applications running, if any.

Download Office 2010 removal tool