Cloudmark DesktopOne is simple and accurate  Spam blocker for email runs independently from your email client.This filters spam,phishing and email-borne viruses when your Computer is on or  even off.

Cloudmark DesktopOne filtered added live mail email account

After installing Cloudmark DesktopOne it will automatically finds the emails accounts configured for Microsoft Outlook,Outlook Express ,Windows Mail,Windows Live Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird 3.You can add email accounts manually also.

Cloudmark DesktopOne is spam blocker and offer protection from phishing and viruses

Basic mode aka free version of Cloudmark Desktop One  allows to configure one email account at a time for automatic filtering.

Selecting an email account for filtering

Open Accounts from Cloudmark DesktopOne icon shown in the system tray if your account is already configured then it was automatically filtered and will be highlighted in green.

Since basic mode offers for one account only you can add email account from Windows Live Mail or others and enter email address and password after successful authentication your account will be shown as above.

Key features of Cloudmark DesktopOne

  • Automatically delete old spam
  • Trust email from senders in the local address book
  • self-help support
  • Filtering for IMAP,POP,Exchange and web email accounts

Cloudmark DesktopOne limitations

  • You may select only one folder for scanning
  • automatic deletion of old spam not available
  • Trusting email from sender in your address book is not available

Cloudmark DesktopOne supports Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail ,Windows Live Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird 3.

Cloudmark DesktopOne free version offers protection for your email account from spam,phishing and viruses with above mentioned limitations.

Download Cloudmark DesktopOne