ClearTerminal-free replacement for HyperTerminal void

As lot of Windows  XP users  may not know about inbuilt HyperTerminal application which allows to connect your Computer to other remote systems .And HyperTerminal is not available in Windows Vista and Windows 7, ClearTerminal fills that gap and this free terminal application supports Windows XP,Vista and  7.

ClearTerminal free terminal application for Windows Vista and Windows 7

ClearTerminal application specially designed for needs for M2M and Wireless device developers.

ClearTerminal features

  • X-Modem
  • Large logging buffer
  • Command History
  • Timestamps
  • Custom Color
  • Schemes
  • Hex and mixed
  • Hex/ASCII display option
  • Copy/paste
  • Search
  • Save Configuration settings to the file.

ClearTerminal is freeware, requires .Net Framework 2.0 to be installed in your Computer.ClearTerminal supports Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download ClearTerminal