removing specific site's browsing history from Google Chrome

Google Chrome does allows to clear total browser history and specific site’s or item’s browsing history.Let us take a look in Google Chrome how we can able to clear browsing history of specific website or item.

Browsing history for a browser contains list of sites you visited, files you downloaded, cache, saved forms information, Cookies and other sites data.It is necessary to remove all browsing history and some times only specific item’s history related to banking  sites and other financial transactions sites.

Since deleting these specific banking and other financial transactions made sites like eBay and PayPal from history also deletes saved passwords from them.

To remove specific website history from Google Chrome browsing history

1.Press Ctrl+H or click History from wrench menu in Google Chrome to bring up Chrome history page.

2.Now click “Edit items”, now you get the options to  clear each item of Chrome’s history

removing specific item from Google Chrome's browsing history

3.Select the specific site or item you want to delete from browsing history and click “Remove selected items”.

4.After that click “Done removing items” link above to close Chrome history page.