Don’t get surprised Account Manager feature doesn’t exists in current Beta of Firefox 4 but it is under development we don’t know it will ship with Firefox 4 final release.Account Manager in Firefox allows users to easily connect to sites and this feature really simplifies signing into  websites much easier like never before.

account manager in firefox

When you visit website with Account Manager in Firefox a simple plain picture with grayed out key appears before the favicon of website, by clicking on that picture you can able to sign into that site with username and password as shown above.

After you sign into website Firefox reloads the page, beside Firefox shows signed-in page Firefox also knows who you are signed in and informs that from location bar.

If you restart Firefox browser after sign-in Firefox shows “Sign in” button before favicon of that website instead of plain image, it makes even more easier to sign-in at the second time.

If you have multiple accounts on that site clicking “sign in” will provide list of those accounts, you can then choose any account to sign into that site .

Edilee developer of this Account Manager feature says on Account Manager that “ As an end user, I don’t need to search for the fields to enter my information or find a link on the page that leads to a sign-in box.I know that I can just click the same spot that I would click to sign in for other sites to sign-in .Additionally, I know at a glance that I’m looking at a personalized site  and If I am connected to the wrong account.”

If you are eager to try Account Manager with Firefox there is a testing build available for download which built on top of Firefox 4 Beta 4 .So Account Manager with Firefox build will contain all features that Firefox 4 beta 4 have like Firefox Sync, Panorama ,HTML and other features.

Download Firefox with Account Manager for Windows , for Mac OSX and for Linux

After installing the above build you can glimpse at what Account Manager in Firefox to offer  at Edilee website.