convert URLs, websites,HTML to PDFs with 7-PDFMyURL

PDF Printers does allow to convert webpages to PDFs but they will not retain hyperlinks, webpage layout and that too these created PDFs will not contain whole page. 7-PDFMyURL free application allows to convert any webpage to single PDF and retains hyperlinks.

create Web PDFs with ease with 7-PDFMyURL

7-PDFMyURL offers following advanced features

  • Automatic generation of clickable PDF bookmarks (PDF hyperlinks) from web headings.
  • Optional automatic creation of headers with web address and page numbers
  • Optional automatic creation of site indexes from web content
  • Cover sheet function
  • Insertion of PDF side headings
  • Automatic creation of PDF links from website links and navigation aids

Using 7-PDFMyURL

1.Enter the webpage URL in the program window.

2.Click  “Convert to PDF “ button, program asks the path location to save PDF.

3.Specify the location and name the PDF file.

4.That’s it created Web PDF will be saved specified directory.

Since 7-PDFMyURL being freeware it has certain limitations, users can create Web PDFs with clickable hyperlinks up to 30 program starts.

Download 7-PDFMyURL