Microsoft Default Manager

Users get scared when unknown processes run in the background, If you’ve installed Windows live essentials, Microsoft Default Manager will be installed on your Computer and it will appear in the processes tab  in the task manager.

If you’ve used Firefox to download and install live essentials, it will install Download Manager add-on for Firefox and it will appear in the startup programs list.

Microsoft default manager process on startup

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Microsoft  Default  Manager being installed and appears in ‘Program File’s under ‘Microsoft’ directory.

uninstall Microsoft default manager

You can find it at  C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Search Enhancement Pack\Installers\Default Manager.
remove Microsoft  Default Manager

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You can uninstall Microsoft Default Manager from add or remove programs  in XP or from Programs and features in Windows 7. If  you haven’t found the uninstaller, then delete the Default  Manager folder mentioned above by booting into safe mode.