We all know by default Windows Explorer doesn’t show thumbnail previews for compressed archives, but with the help of CBX Shell we can make Windows Explorer to show thumbnail previews for ZIP and RAR Image archives.

thumbnail previews of Zip and RAR image archives  shown in Windows Explorer

We can easily recognize the archive as image archive when it is shown as thumbnail image in Windows Explorer, rather than extracting all the files from archive then knowing that it is an image archive.

thumbnail previews of zip and RAR  image archives with CBX Shell

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Download and install  CBX Shell, CBX Shell Manager will be installed in your Computer. Now check “ZIP Archives”, “RAR Archives “ in CBX Shell Manager program window and click apply to save the changes.

From now on, for every ZIP and RAR image archive Windows Explorer will show thumbnail preview.

CBX Shell is freeware, works in Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download CBX Shell