Every user requires nice photos and vectors he may be webmaster,web designer,student or anybody, but these are not available for free will cost $1 to $10 depending on the photos and vectors he wants.Veezzle is free stock photos search engine which scans free stock photos sites and indexes lot of stock photos, which you can download .


Photos taken by photographers to train themselves and instead of deleting these photos they share them with  free stock photo sites which are called “Free stock photos”.

What is use of Veezzle ?

Veezzle indexes thousands of stock photos every hour,  so you instead of searching lot of stock photo sites where Veezzle does the job for you by  scanning  those websites and shows free stock photos in  seconds.

Veezzle -free stock photos search engine

Veezzle is similar to Google but Veezzle scans free stock photo sites only.Veezzle search engine provides free service to search for free stock photos and they don’t even show ads or annoying banners on their homepage which may distract users.

Link : http://www.veezzle.com/